Why I Started to Blog

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I don’t know why it took till today to finally launch my own personal blog.  For many years, it was something I really wanted to do and just hesitated and made up all the excuses in the world.   What got me over the top to finally write and launch my blog was after I read an Instagram photo that I posted which asked the following:

“So please ask yourself:  What would I do if I weren’t afraid?  And then go do it.”

It was after reading that post that I decided that I would start my blog to help motivate and inspire others to improve and better themselves.

We are all dealing with the challenges of life.  If we do not find the right words, actions and people to inspire, we will fall to the ugly side of life. In my 37 years, I have encountered many challenges and setbacks.

Fired from a job?  YEP.  Losing a loved one?  YEP.  Being dumped or breaking up with someone? YEP.  Being bullied?  YEP.  Dealing with heavy student loans and debts?  YEP.  Being cut from a sports team?  YEP.  Giving up on life and not moving forward?  NOPE.  I hope you get where I am coming from with my examples.  We will all continue to deal with challenges and setbacks, and despite these things happening we can still live a great life and achieve greatness.

My purpose of starting a blog is to be able to share inspirational words, thoughts and ideas that will help people overcome any setbacks that may happen and develop their confidence.  I know that my blog can and will inspire people to be great.

Today, I am happy that I have officially written my first blog.  I am looking forward to posting more stories, ideas and thoughts that will inspire others and myself to succeed and be champions in all walks of life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  Lao Tzu



4 thoughts on “Why I Started to Blog

  1. I love that you went out of your comfort zone and indulged. Congrats!!! We only come this way once,take chances, make changes because growth follows! Great job!


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