How Is My Blogging Going

Blog notes on Laptop

I have now been blogging for just over two weeks, and it has been a learning experience.  I had set proper and realistic expectations going into blogging.   I didn’t expect to develop 1000+ followers in a short amount of time, and I knew that there will be a major learning curve the first few months in.   I know that to make my blog successful for the long term, it will take a few things:

1.  Discipline.  The ability to always come up with new ideas and to write something that you want people to hear is not easy.  There are moments that you are totally in the zone for writing.  There are other moments where you have hit a wall in your writing.  I have found that you have to set dates and times to launch your posts and stick to them.  By doing this, it helps you to keep your blog going and you have no choice but to write.

2.  Understand you will have up and down responses and views on your topics.  My first blog on Why I Started a Blog has been my most popular blog.  Another blog that I wrote on 10 Quotes That Will Motivate and Inspire You has been my least popular blog.  I got a bit sad seeing this because I started my blog on a major high, and then my other blogs that I have written since haven’t been as popular.  However, I have learned very quickly that my blog and it’s topics will be up and down.  That’s ok.  You just have to come to terms with it and keep writing.

3.  Have fun writing.  From what I have seen from other bloggers, most bloggers are very passionate about what they are writing about.  Bloggers also have fun writing about the topics they are sharing, and that is the most important quality to have for your blog to be successful.  I am very passionate about writing and sharing my thoughts and perspectives to the world.

4.  Learning will be continuous.  Each time you write a new blog post, there is always something that you will learn from it.  Whether it is the best times to reach out to people, or what your followers best like about your posts, you will always be learning.  This is a good thing, and what you learn from your blog helps you to become better at it.

My blogging journey is not even a month old and it is slowly coming along.  I always remember that Rome was not built in a day.  When I remember that, I keep things in check with my blog.  I know there is a lot more work to be done, and I will continue to have victories and setbacks.  I know that my blog is here to help inspire and motivate people to be better, and live life to the fullest.  I know that if I continue to work hard and just stay the course, my blog will continue to grow and be successful.  The journey continues 🙂 

“Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.”  Michelangelo 




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