5 Reminders That Your Life Is Good


I hear many people complain about how bad their lives are, and many times it isn’t half as bad as it really is.  Yes, life isn’t always fair and things get thrown at us that we hope wouldn’t happen.  There is always something to appreciate in our lives, and we are fortunate to be where we are at.  Here are 5 reminders that your life is good:

Reminder#1-  Access to safe drinking water

Is it really that big a deal that your friend at work lives in a million dollar home and you don’t?  Nine hundred million people across the globe don’t have ongoing access to safe drinking water.

Reminder#2-  You have electricity in your home

Frustrated that you can’t locate a high-speed wireless connection?  Remind yourself that more than a billion people don’t have electricity.

Reminder#3-  You have food in your fridge

Annoyed that you don’t have stainless-steel appliances?  Keep in mind that one in six people in the world goes to bed hungry every night.

Reminder#4-  Quality of life is better now than any time in history

Amazing foods from all over the world are now at our fingertips in grocery stores.  Cars are more dependable than ever with better tires, anti-lock brakes, high-end stereos and navigation systems.  TVs?  What can you say?  High definition. Large plasma screens.  Hundreds of channels.  Thinking about all of these things, don’t take your quality of life for granted.  For many of us, we live a much better life than the kings and queens of wealthy empires just decades ago.  That’s decades, not centuries.

Reminder#5-  How lucky we are to be here right now

An estimated 162,000 die every day. Life is precious that we only get a tiny moment to enjoy everything we see.  That moment is right now.  That moment is counting down.  And that moment is always, always fleeting.  Never overlook how precious life is, and we are very fortunate to be alive.

These 5 reminders help to put our lives in perspective.  It is very easy to tell ourselves how bad our lives are, especially during the challenging times.  Remember that we need the bad times to appreciate the good times even more.

“Gratitude is riches.  Complaint is poverty.”




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