10 Reminders That Life Is Awesome!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the things that make us smile.  With a 24/7 news cycle reporting that natural disasters are destroying cities, another death has taken place, and the economy is not doing as well as anticipated, it’s tempting to feel that the world is falling apart.  But awesome things are all around us;  Sometimes we just need someone to point them out.  Here are 10 things to remind you on how awesome life is, and they don’t cost a thing:

1.  Finding money in your pocket

Anytime you go into a jacket, a pair of pants, or even your bag and you find money in your pocket.  That’s AWESOME!

2.  Getting a parking spot right at the entrance

How many times have you gone to your favorite store, or the movies and miss parking close to the entrance.  There is no better feeling in the world, when you see someone pulling out and the spot is right at the entrance.  That’s AWESOME!

3.  Someone says the right thing at the right time to motivate you

How many times have you faced a challenge and needed someone to say something to motivate and inspire you?  Whether it is a loved one, friend, coach or total stranger, when someone says something at the right time to help you achieve a goal and believe in yourself;  That’s AWESOME!

4.  Turning on the radio and your favorite song comes on


5.  When your child says I love you

Parenting is as tough of a job as it gets.  Sometimes it feels like kids don’t get how much you love them, and the time and sacrifice you put in to make them happy.  When your child says “Mom/Dad, I love you”, no better feeling in the world at that moment.  That’s AWESOME!

6.  Having a boys/girls night out

As we get older, having boys/girls night out becomes tougher to have with our close friends.  Our business and personal lives change, and the timing to do anything seems like a hassle.  When we finally are able to have that night where things come together, and we are out with our friends, it’s a great and fun night out.  Hold the glasses up, cheers to our crew.  That’s AWESOME!

7.  Getting a phone call from someone who you where thinking about

You ever remember the time when you think about someone, and then they call you just at the moment you were thinking about them?  Hearing that friendly voice, and remembering how great they make you feel.  That’s AWESOME!

8.  Finding your TV remote after looking forever

How annoying is it to lose your remote control, and then having to look for hours for it?  When you finally find it, and don’t have to worry about getting up to turn the channel;  What’s a moment.  What a victory.  That’s AWESOME!

9.  Accomplishing a goal that everyone thought was impossible

How many people do remarkable things everyday, and silence their critics and doubters?  Many people have had to go for something and people telling them that they couldn’t accomplish or achieve that goal.  How great is it knowing that you got that job, finished that assignment, or just beat the odds period?  To all those who achieved their goal, and ignored the critics, here is a round of applause to you.  You’re AWESOME!

 10.  Remembering how lucky we are to be alive right now

Many of us take our health and lives for granted.  We at times feel we are invincible and will live forever.  We have to remember that each day we wake up, we have to give thanks for getting and remember how fortune we are to be alive.  To be able to live and enjoy life to the fullest.  By remembering how lucky we are to be alive, we are able to live a life of happiness and do things that enable us to be great.  Be great. Be AWESOME!

“Be awesome.  Think awesome.  Do awesome things always.”  1KLB






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