Building A Blog Audience Takes Time


July 28, 2014.  This is the day I launched my 1st blog which was titled “Why I Started To Blog”.  I remember why I wrote it.  I wrote it to tell people that I wanted to start blogging to help inspire and motivate people to be happier in their lives.  It has now been just under two months and I am continuing to blog.  This blog post today marks the 19th post I have written since my 1st blog.  I am happy to still be writing and sharing posts with the world.  I am also happy to announce that I have been following other people’s blogs.  So many bloggers out there have great articles, lessons, and facts to share with the world.  I also see the reasons why so many have a large following.

As it stands today, I have 26 followers and 580 page views on my blog.  That is amazing, as I have heard so many stories of many bloggers who didn’t get a single follower until months into writing their blogs.  It can be demoralizing seeing that you have a few followers, while many others have hundreds or even thousands of followers.  Don’t let the number of followers derail you from continuing to blog.  Continue to write about what inspires you.   The followers will come. Many veteran bloggers will tell you that their success didn’t happen overnight.  It took in many cases months and even years until they developed a strong following.

Keep this in mind too.  This isn’t Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  On those social media platforms, many of your followers are family, friends and co-workers.  You have interacted with many of these people face to face.  Blogging is totally different.  To get your audience going, you will have to write and post a lot of articles to gain visibility and eventually get followers.  It will take a lot of work, patience and just writing until your blog gains the audience you are looking for.

I am not going to lie.  I love the idea of having a decent audience for my blog.  I still haven’t come close to the number of followers I am looking for.  However, I do have followers.  To see that puts a smile on my face.  It also drives and motivates me to write some more.  I have to keep them inspired and motivated.  In return, that motivates me to continue to write.  The audience will come in time.  Have faith in yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Most important:  Keep writing!

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”-  Brian Clark




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