10 Things I Would Love To Do and Accomplish

As I was riding the train recently, I thought of the things I would love to do and accomplish over the next few years.  I don’t know how I will accomplish all of these goals. However, I do know I would like to give it a try. Here are 10 things I would love to do and accomplish in my lifetime:

1. Attend A Super Bowl Game

I have watched so many Super Bowl games over the years. It is to the point that it just makes sense to make a plan to go to one. I know tickets start at $1000+, but I know this is something I would love to experience live.

2. Master A Language

When I visited a friend of mine in Montreal many years ago, not being able to speak French fluently got to me. I knew from that moment on that I had to learn a foreign language. Whether it is French, Spanish or German, learning and mastering a language would be great.

3. Become A Motivational Speaker

The idea of helping and inspiring others to be better is something that I have always been passionate about. From hearing Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Eric “The Preacher” Thomas and many others, I know this is something I would love to do. It’s a great way to give back, and leave a legacy in the world.

4. Go Away On A Boys Trip

As we get older, spending time with friends gets harder and harder. Peoples lives change and keeping in touch becomes more challenging. Going away with the closest of my friends would be great. It would give us a moment to catch up, and have a trip that we would never forget.

5. Meet Barack Obama

Meeting the 44th President of the United States would be a dream come true.  I respect what he has accomplished, and love the way he makes the toughest job look so easy.  To add to that, he is a reminder that you can accomplish anything if you work hard and see the beauty of your dream.

6.  Run A Half Or Full Marathon

I am very athletic and love to workout.  I have played hockey, swimming, basketball, football, martial arts and CrossFit.  However, I have never ran a half or full marathon.  I think the idea for running for so long of a time frightens me. However, it is something I would love to do.  I would love to run marathons such as The Scotiabank Toronto Marathon or even the Boston Marathon.  I know it will require a lot of work and dedication to accomplish this, but I know I can do it.

7.  Travel All Around Europe and Africa

Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria and Morocco are some of the places that I have never visited.  These are the same places that I would love to go and see.  It would be a great experience to visit these places. It is a nice way to see other parts of the world, and appreciate them all.

8.  Buy An Old School Car and Fix It Up

One of my favorite cars of all time is the classic 1967 Corvette Stingray.  I saw it on the road recently, and I think it would be cool to get one, fix it up and take it for a drive.

9.  Become A Real Life Bruce Wayne

I know this sounds weird, but here me out on this one.  The main reason why I love Bruce Wayne aka. Batman is that he is the ultimate alpha male.  Super smart.  Super athletic.  Super rich.  Super problem solver.  To be super good at everything would be a super accomplishment.  And once this can be accomplished, there would always be something to improve and master in.

10.  End World Hunger and Sickness

We live right now in the wealthiest set of times ever.  Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to end world hunger and sickness.  I would love to find a way to end hunger and sickness permanently.  That is probably the toughest problem for any one person to solve.  If I had unlimited resources and wealth, I would do all that I can to solve these problems.


I believe that life is short and we must do more of the things we love while we are here. During my time away from the corporate world, it has allowed me more time to breathe and appreciate things more. There is plenty for me to do and accomplish with my life.

I challenge everyone to take some time for themselves, and think about things they love to do and accomplish. Once you do so, make that list and just go for it. You may not accomplish all on your list, but you’ll love trying to do so.

“Life is a song- sing it.  Life is a game- play it.  Life is a challenge- meet it.  Life is a dream- realize it.  Life is a sacrifice- offer it.  Life is love- enjoy it”






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