How To Become Better At Your Workouts


There are various ways to keep focused, stay on the path for your workouts, and achieve your goals.  Here are (in no particular order) different ways to becoming better at your workouts:

  1. Gear up.  Have the proper training shoes, right set of clothes, and fluids for each workout you are going to do.
  2. Work mobility a lot.  Before, during and after.
  3. Take your training seriously.  Always strive to become better.
  4. Don’t take your training too seriously.  Give yourself a break.
  5. Train with others.  It’s a great way to get motivated, as well as motivating others.
  6. Show up no matter what.  Especially on the days you don’t feel like working out, those are the days to show up the most. Pack your bag, and begin traveling to the gym.  You’ll figure things out later.
  7. Warm-up a lot.  Make sure you focus your warm-ups and always practice proper dynamic warm-ups before you train.  Not only will this help your results it will prevent injury.
  8. Don’t pick and choose your workouts or days.  Come on those days that make you want to hide.  This is a sign you should be coming on those days.
  9. Train and attack your weaknesses.  Really try to get rid of them; it’s the only way that you will get better.
  10. Utilize your coaches and trainers as much as possible.  They love being asked and answering questions regarding working out, and how you can improve and build on skills.
  11. Ask others who train and workout for tips and tricks.  We are all trying to achieve fitness goals, and each of us have learned different things along the way.  You never know who you can learn from.
  12. Take 15 minutes every day to meditate.  This can not only improve your training; your life as well.
  13. If you are looking to build your strength, target to hit all the major lifts at least once a week.  Squats, deadlift, press, bench, snatch, clean, jerk.
  14. Allow your body to fully recover.  Have a hot/cold shower, massage, foam rolling, nutrition, ice, Epsom salt.
  15. Walk after every meal.  This improves digestion, prevents fat gain, and makes you feel less bloated and lethargic.
  16. If you can’t make it to the gym, do workouts from home.  There are tons of circuits or exercises you can do in a short time, and feel good about yourself.  Some examples are holding the plank, doing 10 push-ups, 10 squats and 10 sit-ups in 3 continuous rounds.  Or even many people’s favorite:  30 burpees.
  17. Improve on your lifestyle and nutrition.  Ensure you are fueling your body with all the right nutrients.  Are you getting enough rest?  Are you working hard and enjoying life as well.  This is a great chance to ensure you are satisfied with your progress.
  18. Take REST days.  Many will tell you this is ridiculous.  The reality is that you can’t train every day.  Working out is very demanding and if you want to live a long life, remember that your body needs a balance.
  19. Take a REST week every couple months.  It is amazing on what this can do for you.  Many professional bodybuilders do this, and they come back stronger than before.
  20. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Your body has its limits and can only be pushed so far.  You have to know when you can push it, and when you need to back off.  Learn when you need to rest and when you can still train.  Learn what your body responds to and what it doesn’t.  You can then develop a plan that will work best for you.  Everyone is different and has different capabilities/potential, never forget this.

BONUS:  Make sure you are enjoying your workouts.  Many people tend to do workouts that are not fun and enjoyable for them.  It is next to impossible to achieve your fitness goals if you are enjoying them.  Not every workout program out there you are going to like.  I love to do martial arts and CrossFit.  However, I am not a fan of Zumba or hot yoga.  No matter how you are working out, ensure that you are not only hitting your goals; that it is fun and enjoyable too.

“A workout today makes you better today than you were yesterday”




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