Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rules Of Success


Over a year ago, I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech on The 6 Rules of Success.  When I heard it, it helped to motivate and uplift me, and started me on the path to re-evaluating my life and what I wanted to achieve. Schwarzenegger asks the important question of Who Do You Want To Be In Life?, and being able to figure who you are and what makes you happy. He’s right.  After listening to his speech, you realize that you are the one that can make you happy; going after what makes you happy should be a priority to you.  I just wanted to use today’s post to share this incredible and motivating speech by Schwarzenegger, and hope it helps you to achieve the level of happiness you’re looking for in your life.  Make being happy a top priority for yourself.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving the happiness you are entitled to.

Whenever you feel like you have lost your way or you are in need of that extra bit of confidence to move forward, play this film. Believe in yourself and never ever listen to the naysayers!

With positive vibes and thoughts,


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