Workouts Really Help!


I have participated in various athletic activities for the past 35+ years.  Swimming, hockey, basketball, track and field, martial arts and Crossfit are the various sports/workouts that I have done.  My parents pushed me into participating in these activities as a great way to stay active and healthy.  I love to tell people about my workouts, and just how important working out is for me.  It has helped me to not only stay in shape;  It also has allowed me to be successful in all walks of life.

Going to the gym is not just for staying in shape and living a healthier lifestyle.  It can also be a great way to cope with life challenges and reducing your stress.  Many have read my recent blog on The Dark Knight Returns Back To Work.  It was my story of how I dealt with being out of the workforce, and looking for a job over the last 9 months.  I was successful at finding a job.  A key success to that was me going to my mixed martial arts club Rev MMA in Toronto.

Many people will tell you at my club that besides being a joker and always energetic, I take my workouts very seriously. What they won’t be able to tell you is the number of times I have been working out after dealing with some tough times.  In the last 9 months, I went to my club feeling depressed and needing a pick me up.  The right job I was looking for was tough. I walked away from an ex girlfriend and other relationships.  Learning to be self-reliant was a major adjustment and challenge as well.  It was a very, very, scary time for me.  Dealing with the unknown, fears and doubts of what you are capable of can be overwhelming.

I knew that going to my mixed martial arts club was a priority.  It helped me deal with my challenges, and gave me a fresh perspective on things too.  I knew things would work themselves out, and I would find the right company for me.  And after getting my offer letter on Halloween, I was very grateful not only to my supporters.  I was also grateful to my mixed martial arts club.  If I didn’t have somewhere to workout to eliminate my stress, I don’t know where I would be.  Working out is one of the healthiest ways to deal with stress and challenges in your life.  By having a strong body, mind and spirit, what you can overcome and accomplish is amazing.

A lot of people love to highlight how tough going to the gym and workouts can be.  Some will even take it a step further and say that workouts are a dreadful experience.  I don’t see it that way.  A couple of hours a week of exercising is an investment for living a healthy, active and exciting life.  Working out not only helps optimize your physical potential.  Working out can help you deal with life challenges in a positive manner, and become a better person in the process.

Workouts indeed really do help!



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