Nothing Wrong With Dreaming Big!!

Life is short and we are on this earth for a certain period of time to live the best way possible.  For myself, I know that I want to be successful in all walks of life.  What I mean by success is not just having a big bank account.  Yes, I do want to have a Porsche Panamera and Range Rover.  However, if I do not have these things my life will be far from over.  I want to be a great leader, person and someone who my family and friends can look up to.  That is my number one goal always.  I also want to live a life where I can travel, go workout, and pay my bills with little to no worries.  To live a life like this, you have to be ambitious and driven.

Someone told me the other day they felt sad for me.  The reason was that they felt that I define my life based on material things.  I laughed at this comment, and at the same time felt this person really didn’t know me at all.  Let’s be clear here.  I do have a nice car, house, clothes and shoes.  However, those things don’t define me at all.  What defines me the most is knowing I always gave it my best in all walks of life, and inspiring others to be great.  I do have high goals and expectations for myself, and I always dream of living the best life possible.

Here is a great example to illustrate my point.  I knew over the last few years that I needed to work towards another career/job opportunity.  This was a top priority for me.  I was afraid that if I didn’t begin to take the required actions, that I would be miserable and out of a job very soon.  I knew to achieve this was going to take a lot of time and patience.  It would require me to go to night school, place my ego at the door, and miss out on social events for a short period of time.  I knew that by having a dream and setting goals behind that dream; there was a great chance to accomplish finding the next role for myself.  On Halloween of this year, I achieved my dream and goal of finding the right job for myself.  It was the best feeling in the world.

The question to ask here is “What If I Didn’t Dream Big?”  I know that I would not have accomplished a few things:  1.  Finding a new job that motivates and inspires me.  2.  Finishing off my certification at school. 3.  Launching and writing my blog.  4.  Waking up every day with more of a purpose.  5.  Forgetting the importance of having dreams and chasing after them.

What I have seen the most this year is the fact that many people have dreams and goals, and take little to no action towards them.  They continue to go to jobs that they hate.  They are in relationships that have little to no value.  They continue to wake up every day with a negative attitude.  They know it is time for a change, but do little to nothing about it.  To me, that’s not fulling living life.  I think it’s a great thing for someone to dream of a lifestyle that makes them happy.  That drives them to be something greater than themselves.  When everyone is at their best, I believe the world is better for it.

Our definitions of what makes us happy is for us to decide and figure out for ourselves.  No one has the right to tell you and I what they feel will make us happy.  To the person earlier on who felt sad for me, because they felt I define my life based on material things.  I don’t hate them for their comment.  It was coming from a good place.  Everyone’s definition of success is very different. My definition of success and being happy is higher than others.  It’s because I have set a high bar for myself and it requires discipline, effort and focus  that many don’t want to go through.

I do dream big.  I dream big everyday.  And I do that because it helps me to put my life into perspective, and set myself up for success both short and long-term.  Who doesn’t dream of having a nice house, car, clothes and wanting easily provide for themselves and their loved ones?  I think it’s important to remember that there is definitely more to life than having nice things.  Sometimes we do lose sight of this, and it’s important to not forget that.  What’s the point of having nice things if you are not a good person and always cause ill will to others?

Dreaming big is very important and a good thing to do.  Without having dreams and chasing after those dreams, what is the point of living?  The world’s greatest people all started with dreams and did what was required to make it happen.  We do need more dreamers.  We do need more people to inspire us.  We do need to always strive for greatness.  That is why I see nothing wrong with dreaming big, and turning our dreams into realities.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”–  Walt Disney 



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