Can I Have A Better Year Than Last Year??

20140614_154635 (2)Making a career change.  Completing my certification at the University Of Toronto.  3 major trips and 1 business trip.  Going to the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert.  Meeting Roberto Alomar and Devon White.  Saying goodbye to old relationships, and hello to new ones.  Renewing my faith and using it to follow a greater path.  These are many of the great things that happened for me in 2014.  2014 was an awesome year, and love thinking of how much I have changed in just a year.

I believe in myself more than ever, and I feel like there is nothing that I can’t do or accomplish.  Not everyone will be able to develop this kind of confidence, and I get it.  To take the risks I took in 2014 was scary, as well as exciting.  It was time to make some serious changes, and I wanted to be more happy with my life.

The month of January is now more than halfway completed in 2015.  As I thought about this year, one question I asked myself was the following: Can I make 2015 better than 2014?  My answer:  HELL YES.  If there was any other answer than this, then I have already set myself up for failure in 2015.  I believe each year can be better for us.  It’s just that each year brings new lessons and opportunities.

There are many things that I need to accomplish and build upon for this year:

1.  Work hard at my new position and build towards a more leadership role.  I am back to work in a leadership position.  That is just the beginning.  I would like in the long-term to continue to build my career and be in a higher leadership position in the future.  I feel I have the tools to help lead a business and inspire others to career success.

2.  Mend relationships and reconnect with people.  I have had my challenges to deal with before returning back to work, and I kept to myself for a while.  I am sorry to those that I distanced myself from.  I needed time to figure myself out, and in certain cases it was best to not talk.  At the time, I may have felt the negative talk or just what people were advising was just not best for me.  This will take some time, and I’ll slowly reconnect with those that I want to reconnect with.

3.  Continue to grow my networks.  I want to continue to build my personal and business networks, and be around people who are game changers.  What I mean by game changers is that they will  offer importance in my life, that will enable me to become a stronger and better person.  This was a key reason why I achieved success in 2014.  I want to continue that in 2015 and onwards.

4.  Go away on a sports trip a see a game live.  This was something I wanted to do last year, and it never worked out for various reasons.  I don’t want another year to go by and this doesn’t happen.  I would love to go to somewhere like New Year, Detroit, Chicago, Boston to name a few cities and make this happen.

5.  Grow my blog to newer heights.  I started to blog last year, and it has done wonders for me.  Besides keeping me level headed during my time finding a new career opportunity, it has been a great way to inspire others to become better.  I will look to enhance the look and feel of my site, and want to grow my followers.  I also want to follow and read more blogs as well.

6.  Continue to self improve.  Self improvement is always a continuous exercise, and at the same time not an exercise. When you improve one of thing, there are many other things that you need to work on.  For myself, I need to continue to building my patience, not always feeling the need to say yes to everything, and better balance my life.  I have already begun working on these areas, and these will always be areas of growth for me.

To conclude

I believe I will have a great 2015, and I have the right tools to do so.  I have the right attitude.  I’m confident.  I know how to make things happen.  Most important:  I believe that 2015 will be awesome!  I hope 2015 will be awesome for you all as well.

“One step at a time.  Be the best you can be.  These are the right words that can place you one step closer to having an awesome 2015”



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