Life Is Short!

greg plitt

I read about the story of the tragic death of Greg Plitt last week. The guy was a fitness beast, as well as a great motivational speaker. He told it how it is, and consistently challenged people to do their best.  Reading about the passing of Greg Plitt was unfortunate and it forced me to take a step back for a moment.

We are all human, and no one is invincible. We get reminded of this time and time again. We all get reminded of how precious life is when someone famous or close to us dies. It is a true and sad part of life. We have to all remember that we have one life, and to live it the best way possible.

Let’s remember to live life to the fullest.  Let’s do more of things that make us feel alive. Let’s do more of things make us happy.  Let’s do less of things that make us feel sad.  Let’s show the world of what is possible, when we give our best efforts.  Let’s do it now.

2014 was a challenging year for myself.  Besides the great support from various family and friends; watching Greg Plitt’s videos helped picked me up at my toughest moments.  I’ll never forget his many inspirational videos and quotes.  They helped me to overcome and win last year.  Thanks Greg Plitt for showing myself and others what we can achieve; especially when we see ourselves in the highest light.

R.I.P. Greg Plitt!!



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