Seattle Seahawks Will Repeat As Super Bowl Champions!!

seattle seahawks

Super Bowl 49 is almost here.  It’s the time of year where people will be watching to see who wins Super Bowl 49.  The Seattle Seahawks will look to repeat as Super Bowl Champions.  This hasn’t been accomplished since the New England Patriots did this it in 2003 and 2004.

I have seen that the Patriots are 2 point favorites to win the finals.  I am not surprised, as the Patriots have a future Hall of Famer in Tom Brady.  The Patriots have had a great season, and were overlooked for the 1st part of the season.  After taking a beating from the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4, the Patriots have been a different team eve since.  Their 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship team was impressive.  I understand why many would lean towards New England to win Super Bowl 49.

1.  12 AFC East Championships in 14 seasons since 2001.  No losing season since 2000.

2.  8 Super Bowl appearances.  Tied for most ever.  3 Super Bowl titles.

3.  Tom Brady.  2x NFL MVP.  3x Super Bowl Champion.  2x Super Bowl MVP.  I love and respect Brady.  If you have ever watched the Brady 6; it’s hard not to. (see video url below)

In the end, I see the Seattle Seahawks repeating as Super Bowl Champions.  They are right now the hottest team in football.  After Week 6, the Seahawks were 3-3.  They suffered back to back losses to Dallas and St. Louis.  Add to that they traded away Percy Harvin, and there were rumors that their locker room was divided.  The Seahawks have been a different team since Week 6.  They have won 11 of their past 12 games.  Add to that coming back from 16 points down against the Green Bay Packers, especially with 5:23 left in the game was incredible.

Last year, the hype and focus was on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl as a 2 point favorites.  The Seahawks were not given enough respect, and we saw what happened.  The same thing is happening once again.  The focus is on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl title number 4.  However, don’t overlook the attitude and confidence of the Seattle Seahawks.

They play with an attitude and chip on their shoulder that has made them a top contender to win a championship over the last 3 seasons.  The fact that they are not the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year, gives me the feeling that they will playing with an edge.  Seattle has shown us this year that they can beat you in many ways.

1.  Russell Wilson.  That guy can not only throw the ball; he can suddenly go run for 50+ yards if he wants to.  The confidence and pose he has played with all season, WIlson seems that he can will his team to victory; no matter the odds.

2.  Marshawn Lynch.  Russell Wilson is the face of the Seahawks.   Marshawn Lynch is the heart of the Seahawks.  If his team needs a big play, Lynch is the guy you can turn to.  He can get you those monster yards at the right time.

3.  Legion of Boom.  This is one of the most impressive and intense set of defenders the NFL has ever seen.  Richard Sherman.  Earl Thomas.  Bryon Maxwell.  Kam Chancellor.  When these guys are on, it is tough for offensive teams to get a rhythm.  They make key plays at the right time, and shut down teams at the right time.

I look at the New England Patriots as being the best AFC opponent to challenge the Seattle Seahawks.  New England has played with the same attitude and motivation as the Seahawks.  Both teams want to win and prove they are the kings of the jungle.  I love Tom Brady.  The season him and New England has had is a great story.  To pick them to beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl?  I just don’t see that happening.  The Seahawks’ style of play in the end will cause New England to fall just short of winning the Super Bowl.

Seattle 27, New England 17.  

Enjoy the game everyone!!



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