The Brady 6 Is Very Inspirational!

tom brady

You may or may not like Tom Brady.  Because he plays for the New England Patriots.  Because you find him arrogant. Because he is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.  However, you can’t deny that Tom Brady is a winner.  Tom Brady is a 2x NFL MVP, 3x Super Bowl champion, and a future Hall of Famer.

If you really want to get to know what drives and motivates Tom Brady, watch his NFL documentary Year Of The Quarterback:  The Brady 6.  It’s the remarkable story of how Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady Jr. was drafted in the 6th round, after 6 quarterbacks in the 2000 NFL draft.  Despite being drafted 199th overall, Tom Brady’s heart, determination and will to succeed enables him to become one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

The Brady 6 is a great documentary to watch. It’s a great reminder of how people can beat the odds to become champions in all walks of life.  Win or lose this Sunday against Seattle, Tom Brady has already won the biggest prize of them all: Achieving his dreams when everyone else thought it was not possible.  And that is why Tom Brady will always have my respect!



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