I am Proud of Who I am!


I had a chance this weekend to reflect on things, and think about the future.  I like what is in store for me in the next little while.  I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes on the things I have achieved.  I am always looking to what to accomplish next.  I need to give myself more of a high-five, and really be proud of who I am.

It is not easy to deal with the many challenges that life throws at us.  Lose of family and friends.  A sudden career change. Having self fears and doubts hitting you, when you need to be at your best.  Life is really a challenge indeed.  For those that don’t know me, you may look at my life and assume I have had little failures and setbacks.  I wish that was the case.  I have had many setbacks and failures.  Many to the point that when something happens, I just go into fighter mode.

I had to fight to where I am at right now.  It wasn’t easy.  The disappointments.  The many restless nights.  The moments asking the universe to give me a break.  I have a believe and an attitude that many don’t have.  I love to smile, laugh, and just work my butt off to get to a successful point.  And I don’t define success based on what’s in my bank account, the clothes I wear, or the car I drive.  I define success as waking up every single morning, and being excited on the day and challenges ahead.

I am proud of who I am.  I have great family and friends.  A great career.  I have a full clean bill of health.  And I know that I have to continue to self improve, and continue to just be me.  Maybe that is what I am most proud of:  The fact that I am a great person, who can inspire others to become greater than themselves.  Yeah, I am really proud of who I am.  Hope others can always be proud of themselves as well.

Till next time!



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