4 Ways To Get Motivated To Workout


Unmotivated and feeling uninspired?  Call it whatever you want, you know the feeling.  You’re stuck and unable to make progress on what matters most to you.  Well it’s time to get up and make the most of your life.  Here are 4 ways to break out of your motivational funk!

Method #1:  Get off the Failure Field

Once people have started to fall, it gets harder to motivate themselves.  Often they hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go but up.  So if you find yourself in a toxic cycle of failure, you’ve got to break out of it.  You need to start some small wins so you can feel the benefits of taking action in your life.

Method #2:  Don’t let the slump start

It’s the little things that lead to a motivational slump.  It’s skipping one workout to hang out with friends, then two.  By the next week, in the back of your mind you are already rationalizing why it might not be a good day for the gym.  The slump kicks in and it’s hard to get started again.  Don’t get caught in that trap.  When you see yourself falling into the same old routine…take actions right away, no matter how small the victory, and use that momentum for further successes.

Method# 3:  Be active

Research shows the benefits of exercise, including boosting your mood.  When you don’t exercise, not only will your fitness suffer, but your other goals suffer too.  When you are in a funk, and hitting a wall; Exercise may be the answer.  You can benefit by stepping away for a quick workout break, walk, or stretch.  You’ll come back refreshed and ready to work.

Method# 4:  Motivate yourself daily

Find your mantra.  A mantra doesn’t have to be long; it just needs to get you excited and motivated.  Motivation builds upon itself.  Of course it’s easier to be motivated when things are already going your way.  So why not start each day with some momentum, and give yourself a morning reminder to stay motivated and keep moving forward towards your goals.



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