What Drives Me To Inspire Myself And Others!


I can’t exactly tell you when I decided to inspire myself, and then inspire others.  What I can tell you is that it started when I began to strive for more in my life.  Maybe it was when I was in a career rut.  Maybe it was when I got tired of relationships not working out.  Maybe it was just me getting tired of being bullied and pushed around by others.  Maybe it was just time for me to complaining, and strive for greatness  I just know that things began to change for me in 2012.  It was during this time where I decided to go back to school full-time, train at a full mixed martial arts club, and just wanting more out of life.  As I saw achieving small goals turning into bigger goals, it eventually drove me to be an inspiration to myself and others.

I never strived to be an inspiration and role model to others.  All I have ever wanted, is to be the best that I can be.  By being the best version of myself, I knew that other things would follow.  And up to this point, many great things have happened to me in just over 3 years.  It wasn’t easy to get to this point, but looking back I am really proud of myself.  There are many people to thank along the way.  My family, my close friends such as Batman, Mari Mari, Starbucks, my teachers at the University of Toronto, and the coaching staff and friends at Rev MMA.

What drives me to inspire myself and others is easy:  Everyone else!  I feel it is my responsibility to pay back to those that have motivated and inspired me to always do my best.  It is to show the doubters, the haters, the ones who need someone to show them that anything is possible, that motivates and inspires me to always do my best.  We are all born into the world, and have the ability and skill to achieve whatever we want with our lives.  The things that are worth doing are the things that require effort, dedication, persistence, and the can do attitude.

I am no one special.  I am a guy from Scarborough, Ontario who took things to the next level starting in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.  I hope that I can inspire the dreamer.  I hope that I can inspire the person who has lost hope.  I hope that I can inspire the nerd in physics class.  I hope that I can inspire those that I care about the most.  I know these people inspire me to be great, and I hope I provide them with inspiration as well.

When we inspire one other, and we will achieve great things; the world is a better place for it!



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