Don’t Give Up On The Dating Game!

swingers club

It is so easy to give up on the dating game, especially when things go wrong.  It’s another situation where it looked like you got it right, but then it failed once again.  You get down on yourself, and over analyze every angle on how it could have worked out. Many of us have been there, including myself.   It’s pretty easy to see the end result of others when they have someone. We tend to overlook on many of the setbacks they experienced to get there.

I have been hurt and have let others down in the process.  It wasn’t that we went into dating expecting for things to not work out.  Things didn’t work out for many reasons.  Bad timing.  Scared to make a commitment.  We weren’t the right fit for one another.  And sometimes it was as simple as just over thinking things, and not enjoying the moment.  These were good and hard lessons to learn about dating.

I have seen people totally give up on dating.  I can understand why, and don’t blame them one bit.  I am telling you to not give up on the dating game.  It’s a game that you will go through many ups and downs, but it’s a winnable game.  To win at the dating game you need to remember the following:

1.  Be confident and love who you are.  How is someone else supposed to love you, when you don’t love yourself?  By loving all parts of yourself, it will give you the confidence to love and respect others as well.

2.  Forgive and move on from the past.  People will let us down.  Family, friends and especially those who we date.  It’s not always easy, but we must forgive them and just move forward with our lives.  You’re not forgiving them for them; you’re forgiving them for YOU.

3.  Don’t go into the dating game with a negative attitude.  If you go into the dating game with a negative mindset, you have lost the game before it has even started.  Forget about the recent setbacks and the idea that things may not work out again.  That is not fair to yourself and the person that may be interested in you.

4.  Have fun with dating and live in the moment.  For every date that you go on, live in the moment and go with the flow.  The more you have fun with each date, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of dating.

5.  Don’t be afraid to leave the dating game permanently.  You will go out on a lot of dates, but eventually you’ll meet someone who will allow you to retire from the dating game.  When that day comes, embrace it.  If they make you feel great about yourself, and bring out the best in you; leave the dating game on a high.  You deserve it!!

To conclude

The dating game can be tough, and at the same time very fun and rewarding.  Things may not go your way at first, but in the end we can all win in the dating game.  Keep your head up.  Be patient.  Be positive.  Have fun.  You’ll end up on top soon enough.



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