Thanks To My Friend Double M!!

1klb mexico 2014

Last week was a tough week.  Besides having a very busy work week, there were some personal setbacks that I had to deal with.  There was a very close friend of mine that helped me to put things in perspective, and wanted to take this time to thank them for being there.  We all have different challenges and things to deal with on a daily basis.  No matter how successful or strong you are, life setbacks do happen.  One of the ways to overcome challenging times is to have friends support you through it.

Having friends to lean on and guide you through challenges can be tough to have.  Everyone has their lives and own challenges to deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes it’s to the point that people will not be able to be there for you, and it’s a tough reality to accept.  However, I understand why it happens and all of us have to make the time to be there for people. At some point, we do need to be there for people and in return they’ll do the same for us.

I have this amazing friend in my life called Double M.  I have known her for years, and is one of my closest friends.  She is successful and is a strong supporter of me, and vice versa.  Last week, she helped me overcome a tough week and I am very grateful to her on that.  In return, I was able to help her as well.  I was able to look back at last week, and think about how important it is to be there for the people who matter the most to us.

For many of us, I know we get very focused on the many things that happen in our lives.  And because of that, we overlook the importance of being there for people.  I am guilty of it too, and I have to continue to make an effort as well.  Let’s not overlook the importance of being there for others.  Replying back to that phone call, text message and e-mail can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Double M reminded me on not only the importance of being there for others; also on how much one can impact someone’s life for the better.  Thanks Double M!!



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