Do Things That Make You Happy!


Here is a picture of me last year in Cancun, Mexico after an excursion.  That was a great trip.  I met a lot of people, got a tan, and got some time to pause and reflect on things.  I realized that when I came back home, I promised myself to do more of things that make me happy.  We have one life, and life is way too short not to enjoy it.  Here are some things I do to keep happy:

1.  Be around the right people.  Be around those that are positive, and make you feel good about yourself.  Whether it’s your family, good friends, or any one that inspires you to be great.  Those are the people who you want to be around.

2.  Stop doing things that make you feel sad immediately.  Whether it’s that negative person, the job that uninspires you, or anything in general that doesn’t bring joy in your life.  Immediately stop doing those things that bring no value or happiness to your life.

3.  Start doing things that make you great about yourself immediately.  Whether it’s exercising, travelling, spending time with loved ones.  Anything that brings you the best energy and high value in your life; go ahead and do it.

4.  Keep a positive attitude.  Positive thinking brings positive results.  Even in your darkest moment; keep a positive attitude and keep your head up.  Having a negative attitude does nothing.  It doesn’t help to make a situation any better.  It only raises your blood pressure, and makes things even worse.

5.  View yourself in the highest light.  Repeat after me:  You are awesome!  If you don’t view yourself in the highest regard; others won’t do it for you.  It all starts with you.

BONUS:  Don’t ever give up!  Don’t ever give up on happiness. Despite how difficult life may get, it is still a precious gift. Even if living gets tough, happiness is just a choice away. Always smile and know that you are in fact, the master of your joy!

Have a great week everyone!



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