Things to Be Grateful For

be thankful

Too often we take our blessings for granted because we’re focusing on the things we don’t have, rather than the things we do have.  Here are some of the things to be grateful for:

  1. Another day (waking up this morning)
  2. Good health
  3. Clean water to drink
  4. Family
  5. Good friendships
  6. Weekends
  7. Your cellphone
  8. The Internet
  9. Learning from mistakes
  10. Breathing fresh air
  11. Love
  12. Kindness
  13. Safety and security
  14. Freedom of speech/choice
  15. Medicine
  16. Music
  17. Your ability to make a difference
  18. Money in the bank
  19. Opportunity to get an education
  20. A bed to sleep in
  21. Kindness of Strangers
  22. Wisdom that comes with age
  23. Employment
  24. Challenges
  25. A television
  26. Physical parts of your body
  27. Clothing
  28. Moon and stars
  29. Diversity
  30. Time

It’s important to take time out and remember all of the things to be thankful for that many of us take for granted.



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