Life Has No Remote: Change Things For Yourself!

life has no remote

One of the big lessons I learned this past week is that we actively change, and go for the life we want.  It comes down knowing what makes you happy, and not being afraid to go after the life you want.  Life is our story.  Life is our creation; we’re the authors of how our lives can turn out.  Don’t be afraid to make things happen.  If you don’t like how your life is going, go ahead and take the actions necessary to create change.  Change starts with your thoughts and subsequent actions.

Life is your story and you have to decide what kind of role you want to play.  Don’t let the events that are happening to you, define that.  Life will deliver some cruel twists of fate.  You may be given the most unpleasant circumstances that could be possible, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create the life you want.  If you really want your life to be the best one possible, you have to play an active part in creating change!

Have a great week everyone!



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