Even Positive K Isn’t Always Positive!!

1klb mexico 2014

What a perfect picture of me on the beach in Mexico last year.  Nice weather, beautiful water, and me having no cares in the world.  I wish my life was always perfect.  I would never have any problems or challenges to deal with.  Many of you see me post inspirational quotes and affirmations frequently.  You take a look at my Facebook page and see a guy who is always positive, and nothing gets to him.  The reality is that this is far from the truth.

I am a positive, driven and caring person.  However, I get angry and frustrated just like everyone else when dealing with challenges and setbacks.  There are many moments where I just want to scream and just break something.  I have had many moments where I just view people, life and the world in the worst ways possible.  I have had many moments where I just want to break down and cry.  I hope this is refreshing to hear; that even the most positive of people get angry, and have rough moments themselves.

I post quotes and affirmations not for my followers on social media; but for myself.  It is a very important exercise for me as it helps to keep myself in the right mindset; especially during my most challenging times.  Being positive always is next to impossible to do.  People and various situations can hit you in ways that are unfair and cruel.  It’s okay that myself or anyone else isn’t positive all the time.  The truth is, it’s okay if this happens.  Life happens.  We are all human.  We are not machines.

Just because you see my inspirational and motivational posts and affirmations, just keep in mind that even Positive K isn’t always positive and at his best always.  I have challenges and problems just like everyone else.   When you see myself or others in low spirits, do your part to send your positive energy to help us improvise, adapt, and overcome our challenges.  It makes all the difference in the world!!



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