Success Doesn’t Come Easy!!


He is considered the greatest soccer player of his generation.

Lionel Messi has achieved many great accomplishments in his soccer career, including:

  1. Most FIFA Ballon d’Or awards: 4
  2. Most goals in a calendar year (including club friendlies): 96 goals (2012)
  3. Youngest player to win 3 Ballon d’Or awards: 24 years, 6 months and 17 days.
  4. Most FIFA Club World Cup Golden Balls: 2 (2009, 2011)
  5. Only footballer to score 60+ goals in all competitions in 2 seasons (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)

It’s easy to look at how great Lionel Messi is, but easy to forget that success didn’t come overnight for him.

When he was 11 years old, it was discovered that he had a growth hormone deficiency.  This could have prevented Messi from wanting to become a soccer player.  With a fighting spirit and desire to become a professional soccer player, Messi dedicated himself to achieving his dream.

Messi becoming a global superstar player came from a lot of dedication, hard work and sacrifice.  As people, we tend to overlook the sacrifices many make to become successful in life.

Success isn’t for everyone.  It requires you to put out an effort that doesn’t yield immediate results.  Everyone can relate to that.

The person who gets that new job.  What you don’t know is that they had hundreds of interviews before finally getting that position.

The person who gets the full academic scholarship for university.  What you don’t know is that they spent many late nights studying, and not hanging out with their friends.

The person who loses 100 pounds.  What you don’t know is that they had to overcome being made fun of, and having to spend hundreds of hours working out to achieve it.

The point to all of this is that whether you’re Lionel Messi or just anyone; to achieve success isn’t easy.  With the right attitude, focus, and determination; you can achieve any level of success you want.  Let Lionel Messi’s story (or any one who you feel is successful) inspire you to achieve your dreams.




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