Thanks Kobe!


Kobe announced that he will retire at the end of the 2015/2016 season 24 hours ago.  As much as it is sad to hear that one of my favorite players is leaving the game of basketball; I am happy for Kobe.

Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the best basketball players of his generation, and he will certainly be in the conversation as one of the greatest players ever.  His level of excellence and career numbers are impressive:

  1. The first point guard to play 20 NBA seasons, and the only point guard to play 20 seasons with one franchise (Los Angeles Lakers)
  2. 5 time NBA champion and 17 time All Star (only Kareem Abdul Jabbar has more with 19 selections)
  3. 11 time First team All Selection.  Tied most all time with Karl Malone
  4. 3rd All-Time Leading Scorer in NBA history;  All-Time Leader scorer on Los Angeles Lakers
  5. 81 points in one game versus the Toronto Raptors on January 22, 2006.  2nd most points ever in one NBA game.

Kobe will for sure be in the NBA Hall of Fame as a 1st ballot selection.  I have enjoyed watching Kobe over the last 20 years.  His intensity, dedication, and hard work is something that I have always respected.

Thanks Kobe and wish you the best!!



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