We Can All Overcome Adversity!


This is me with Jon “Bones” Jones (former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World) back in 2011.  This is when he was at is highest point in his life.  He just won the championship, and seemed liked nothing could touch him.  However, over the last year and a half, Jon Jones hit rock bottom. It’s unfortunate to see, especially when it is someone you idolize and respect.

Why do I bring up Jon Jones?  Because just like many of us, he has made mistakes and is putting in the work to make a great comeback.  He may not be champion just yet, but has put himself in position to regain the title in 2016.

As much as I am a very positive and successful person, I have had to deal and overcome recent challenges myself.  It hasn’t been an easy 2015 for me.  Certain challenges came out of nowhere, and it took a lot to move forward.

I am sharing this with you because after what I have been through, I just want many to know that they are not alone.  Dealing with life challenges and feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world.  However, don’t feel you’re alone; that you have no one to lean on.

When we are dealing with challenges, for a moment it can feel overwhelming and unable to overcome.  The best thing I can say about dealing with adversity and setbacks is that it’s temporary.

You will improvise, adapt and overcome.  And once this happens, it’s just another lesson to add to your life. We can all overcome adversity, and it starts with you; and knowing you’re not alone.  Know that you can and will get over your frustration and set-back.  In the end, you’ll be on top once again.

If you feel you are alone, please read this blog as a reminder that you have someone in your corner.



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