There’s No Secret To Being Happy!

good for the soul


Life is way too short to do things that make us unhappy.   It’s a situation that many of us have fallen into.  We continue to do things that don’t make us feel any better about ourselves.

  • Going to jobs that we hate.
  • Keeping friendships that hold no value to us.
  • Beating ourselves up on mistakes we have made, and not forgiving ourselves.

It’s now 17 days left until 2015 is over,  and I will continue to remind people that life is way, way too short to be unhappy.  There is no secret to being happy.  Do things that make you feel good about yourself, and stop doing things that make you unhappy.

  • Go out and meet new people, and build new friendships.
  • Go after that job or career that makes you feel like you’re never working a day in your life.
  • Go and learn some new skills.  Whether it’s cooking, public speaking, or upgrading your education; learning something new is always a good thing.
  • Go to more concerts, sporting events, and the movies with family and friends.
  • Go online do things such as watch Netflix, open and write a blog, or catch up with family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Go out of your house or apartment and walk around and see how great it feels to be out in nature.
  • Go travel and see new places that you have never been to.  Thailand, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom are some great places to visit.
  • Go contact that family member or friend that you haven’t been able to talk to in some time.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to hear a friendly voice.

The biggest reminder of being happy is staying true to yourself, and living the best life possible while you are still here.

“Life is a gift.  Make the most of out it.”



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