All In For 2016!



This is my first post for 2016.  Like many, I had a chance to take a look back at 2015.  It was another year of lessons, growth and figuring out what next steps to take to make this another great year ahead.

For myself, I felt that a key to making 2016 awesome is to just keep things simple.  I think that when you keep things simple and straight to the point, you set yourself up for success.

  1. Do things that make you happy.  Travel, hang around people that make you feel good about yourself,  work out, play video games, go for your goals and dreams.  The more that you do things that put a smile on your face, the more energy and greater attitude you develop.  Having a positive energy not only enables you to be happier, it motivates and inspires others to do the same as well.
  2. Eliminate things that make you unhappy.  We sometimes do things that make us sad, because it is habits that we have developed over time.  Holding on to relationships that no longer have value, people pleasing, working at a job that has passed its course.  If it is not putting a smile on your face, find a way to eliminate it out of your life quickly.
  3. Forgive yourself and move on.  We all have made mistakes in our lives and hold on to these situations for too long.  Mistakes are going to happen.  It’s just a part of life.  To move on from the past and have a brighter future, it begins with loving and forgiving ourselves. Don’t worry what happened yesterday.  Learn from what happened and move forward.
  4. Don’t let material things possess you.  With today’s world, we are pushed messages on always buying new things.  New homes, new cars, new clothes and how having money will bring you ultimate happiness.  We do need money to live and have a good standard of living.  However, we don’t always need that Bugatti, Michael Kors bag, or 20 house mansion to be happy; or define who you are.
  5. Always look to improve yourself.  Self development is always a continuous journey, and can be a tough one as well.  You don’t need to do masters degree to improve yourself.  It’s doing the little things right.  Treat others with respect.  Take a simple course such as cooking.  Tweak your eating habits, and set new goals such as exercising 3 times a week.  The little improvements you make daily will add up to greater things long term.
  6. Being grateful and happy to being alive.  Each day we wake up, always take a moment to say thanks.  Each day grants us the opportunity to live each day the best way possible.  I got reminded of this during the holidays.  A good friend of mine I found out passed away in November.  She was a good person.  She had a lot of ups and downs over the years, and was doing well before her death.  I was very sad to hear about her passing.  It was also a reminder that life is the greatest gift we have. We must strive to live it the best way possible, and give it our best always.

I am looking forward to 2016, and I am all in to make this a great year.  I want to see all of us grow and thrive this year.  When everyone is successful, the world is a better place.




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