I Love My Life


I love my life.  It’s that simple.

It may not be the perfect life, but it’s the perfect life for me.

I have great family and friends, a great job that allows me to do what I love, and I have excellent health.

Sometimes it’s very easy to lose sight on how fortunate we are.  That’s easy to understand how that happens.

A relationship hasn’t worked out.  You’re at a job that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.  You have some bills that are not paying themselves off quick enough.

Let’s keep it real here.  We always want things to go our way.  Unfortunately, that’s not reality.  Things will sometimes go our way, and other times it will go in the opposite direction.  That is why we can appreciate our lives that much more, when we overcome setbacks and disappointments.

I am a very positive, energetic and happy person.  I am also a very private person as well. There are many setbacks that I have experienced in my life.  And each of those setbacks have gotten me to this point in my life, where I appreciate each and every day more.

Many that comes with experience and maturity.  Or maybe that is because I have learned to step back and appreciate my accomplishments and life more.

Whatever the reasons, I am in love with my life more than ever before.

To my family and friends, just want say thanks for allowing me to be in your lives, and having you in mine means the world to me.

I hope by reading this blog post today, that it reminds you of the importance of realizing how great of a life you have.  If you’re having problems seeing life this way; take some time to figure on how you can live the best life possible.

Life is way too short not to be happy.  Do what makes you love your each and every day, and never forget how fortunate you are to be here right now.



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