Don’t Be Too Busy For Your Friends!


Don’t be too busy for your friends!

As we get older, keeping in touch with people becomes more challenging.

People get busy with their careers.

People get busy with relationships and family.

People get busy with dealing with life setbacks and challenges.

People get busy with being busy.

People also have to deal with themselves and friends changing.

After being out this weekend and catching up with a close friend, we chatted about our lives and keeping in touch with people. We agreed that keeping in touch with people is a challenge.  However, it’s very important to recognize that we need to invest in the time to keep in touch with friends.

I haven’t been the greatest at keeping in touch with people over the years. There are various reasons behind that:

Maybe too focused on my career and school.

Maybe just needed to deal with challenges and setbacks at the time.

Maybe I was holding on to grudges too long with friends over misunderstandings or breakdowns of communication.

Maybe I got tied up with highlighting how busy I was in my life.

Maybe I just got tired of being the one to always have to reach out; wishing the other side would do the same.

We are all busy, and there isn’t always enough time in a week to do everything. However, keep this in mind:

We have so many different ways to maintain friendships now.

We have cell phones, where we can send a quick text or call.

We have social media, where we can post a quick hello on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to name a few.

We have e-mails, where we can drop a quick hello to someone at home or at work.

We can even still use old school tricks such as calling someone on their house line, or even writing them a letter.

I hear many of you that will say how busy you are, and that when you get a moment; you’ll get in contact with Bobby, Sue or whomever your friend is.

What’s happening is that weeks, months, years go by and eventually you may never reach out to say hello.  We do forget that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. That friend who you’ve wanted to call, or didn’t return their message or text: Reach out to them. They’ll love to hear from you and vice versa.

I know that can be tough.  Trust me, I have been there.  However, it’s important to recognize that we have to take that action.

That phone call, that text message, that letter or e-mail you write can make so much difference in that friend’s life.

I know you can relate to friends making you laugh, making you cry, and being there for you during your darkest hours.  I don’t know where I would be without my friends.  I think that is why I felt I had to write this blog post today.

I want my friends to know that I want to and will try to make a better effort staying in touch, and meet up more.  Effort is required on both ends, and let’s do it!

To conclude,  remember that there are people out there that you really value and care about the most.  They need you just as much as you need them.

Make the effort!

Make the time!

Make sure that you’re never too busy for your friends!



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