Anything Is Possible!!

A scouting report that Steph Curry used as motivation to become the best basketball player in the world.

I read over the scouting report for Stephen Curry last week, and I was surprised.  It had 15 listed weaknesses of Curry’s basketball game and skills.  Looking at this report, it would tell you that he would never be anything special in the National Basketball Association. Boy has “Steph” Curry proven us wrong.  In 2016, “Steph” Curry has had one of the greatest NBA seasons ever.  Besides leading his team to a 73-9 record, Curry became the 7th player in history to join the 50-40-90 club (see below), and winning his 1st NBA scoring title averaging 30.1 PPG (points per game)

50-40-90 club
Steph Curry become the 7th player to achieve this incredible milestone, as well as lock up his 1st scoring title in 2016.

We see many great athletes and people achieve a level of success, especially when they were criticized, judged and written off by people.  Others that come to mind are Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Lionel Messi, and J.J. Watt. Imagine if these individuals listened to others and gave up on themselves; they would not become sports icons and inspire others to become great.

Many of us are trying to achieve our goals and dreams.  Whether it’s to become a professional athlete, doctor, lawyer, business person, or just becoming a better person period; it takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice to get there.  Sometimes, the odds become very challenging to the point that we feel like giving up.  “Steph” Curry and many others are great examples of never giving up on your goals, and ignoring the criticism of others.

We must remember that there will be various challenges and fears to overcome.  If you really want something bad enough, make sure to go after it with all your dedication and heart.  Trust me, when you put in the best effort: Anything is possible!  Just refer to “Steph” Curry for reference.

Steph Curry & The Golden Warriors at parade celebration after winning their 1st Larry O’Brien Trophy

Have a great week ahead!



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