20 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself Right Now!


We have all had moments where we feel low about ourselves; challenging days, moments and situations kick us down.  It can be tough to pick ourselves up, but at some point we need to.  Here are some great advice and tips on how to turn things around, and move forward in a positive manner right away:

  1. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and visualize things working out.
  2. Write down five things that you are proud of and stick the list in your wallet to pull out to remind yourself that you’re awesome.
  3. Call a friend and tell them you’re feeling down. Sometimes just admitting you’re not feeling great makes things better instantly.
  4. Take a deep breath, acknowledge things aren’t going your way, and move on with your day.
  5. Put down your phone and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Just spending a few moments appreciating nature, unique faces, and the hustle and bustle gets your mind off things.
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others! By trying to be similar to someone else, you’re forgetting what’s awesome about you.
  7. You only get one body, so take care of it. Eat healthy, get some exercise, and you’ll feel better in no time. And working out is a distraction from being in the dumps.
  8. Take a walk by yourself. Stay in the moment, breathe in and out, and slow down.
  9. Talk to the person standing next to you in line. There’s nothing to be afraid of — just make a bit of small talk, which is a fun way to connect with strangers and enjoy a laugh.
  10. Go through your closet and make a collection of clothes to donate. You’ll feel better knowing your clothes will go to someone in need.
  11. Stop thinking about that person you’re crushing on and just ask them out!
  12. Turn that frown upside down. Literally. Push negative thoughts to the side and think about something positive.
  13. Plan the ultimate vacation, focusing on everything you want to do. Write down all the awesome places you’d like to explore and keep it handy when you need to focus on a better place.
  14. Forgive yourself. That’s right. Stop giving yourself a hard time over things you can’t control and give yourself a break.
  15. Stop with should-have-could-have scenarios. You can’t change the past, but you can put your best foot forward.
  16. Love yourself and practice kindness.
  17. Reflect on your accomplishments and acknowledge that you are pretty awesome.
  18. Indulge in something you love and remind yourself why it’s one of your favorite things.
  19. Create a power board filled with pictures of yourself with loved ones along with inspirational words and images.
  20. Acknowledge your feelings. It’s totally natural to feel insecure, and admitting it is courageous.

We all go through tough times, and it’s important to get through these times the best way possible.  I hope you find these tips helpful, and are able to use any of these tips to be happier in your life!



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