Taking Risks Is Important

ali he who is not courageous

Taking risks are tough.  Whether it’s telling someone you love them, to applying for a job that you may not get; risks are scary.  However, it’s also necessary to take them.  Taking risks is a great thing to do.  I know you may say that is easy for me to say, but I will tell you that I have taken many risks over the last few years.

Taking those risks were very scary and risky, but they have come with big rewards.  I would tell you that whatever you want to accomplish in your life; it’s important to go for it.  Life is way too short.  I have seen a lot of unfortunate things happen to people I care about over the last few things.  It’s been heartbreaking, and tough to not be able to help people who you love and care about.

Their battles and setbacks have been reminders that life is a gift, and to make the most of it.  If there is something you what to accomplish such as school, ask someone you like out, or go; take a chance and go for it.  Win or lose, at least you know you tried and have no regrets.

Happy Tuesday!!



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