It’s Never Too Late To Be Great!!

At this year’s Olympics, we saw many athletes do remarkable things; especially at older ages.  We sometimes forget that it is never too late to accomplish great things in life; no matter what age you’re at.  Here are some athletes who inspired and reminded the world that anything is possible, any time, any place in life:

Michael Phelps


Age:  31

Country:  United States of America

Sport:  Swimming (Butterfly, Individual Medley, Freestyle)

What he accomplished:  6 total medals in swimming.  5 Gold medals, 1 silver medal.  He raised his total medal count to 28 medals.  23 of them gold.  All Olympic records.  In many ways, it’s ridiculous to call Michael Phelps old.  At the age of 31, that is considered by many out of your prime in competitive swimming.   Phelps went out a winner, and has left his legacy at the Olympics.

Kristin Armstrong 


Age:  43

Country:  United States of America

Sport:  Cycling

What she accomplished:  Won her 3rd consecutive Olympic Gold medal in the women’s cycling time trials.  She joined speed skater Bonnie Blair as the only American women to win three gold medals in the same event at any Olympics. She also won in Beijing and London.

Oksana Aleksandrovna Chusovitina


Age:  41

Country:  Uzbekistan

Sport:  Gymnastics

What she accomplished:  Besides competing in international competition for more than a quarter century, Oksana became the oldest gymnast in Olympic history.  Although she didn’t win a medal, the fact that she is still competitive at her age is an inspiration to many.

Anthony Ervin 


Age:  35

Country:  United States of America

Sport:  Swimming (50 metre freestyle)

What he accomplished:  So much can happen in 16 years.

For Anthony Ervin, the stretch between his two greatest athletic achievements – two Olympic gold medals – included a suicide attempt, a period of homelessness and a stint in a rock band. Jobs found, then lost. Too much drinking, too many drugs. Depression. Confusion.

And then, a kind of rebirth.

The 35-year-old Olympian became the oldest swimmer to win gold in an individual event when he touched the wall at 21.40 seconds in the men’s 50-meter freestyle final.


Usain Bolt


Age:  30

Country:  Jamaica

Sport:  Track and Field (100 and 200 meters)

What He Accomplished:  He became the 1st man ever to complete the Triple-Triple in track and field (Gold in the 100, 200 and 4×100 relay).  It’s crazy to call someone old, especially at the age of 30.

Usain Bolt did it his way.  Smiling, dancing and just entertaining fans all around the world. He left it all on the track, and we’ll never forget the Lighting Bolt!

Think you’re too old to become an Olympian, getting a new job, or an education? Let these Olympians remind you that it is never too late to be great!!




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