Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!!

I just wanted to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017.  Another year has come and gone, and so many things have happened.  Some good, some bad, but continuous lessons in this thing called life.  As 2017 approaches later tonight, I think the big lesson I will carry into 2017 is to just keep things simple.  I think sometimes we forget on keeping things simple, and that can result in us making mistakes.

I have made many mistakes in 2016, and having time to reflect on them really helps to set up 2017 as an exciting chapter in my life.  That old saying that “life is a journey, not just a destination” is such a great point to remember.  If you really know me, you will learn very quickly that I am an energetic and positive guy; and loves to be successful in all walks of life.

What you will overlook is that I have many setbacks and disappointments to deal with just like anyone else.  Life is hard and can be frustrating, upsetting and challenging to deal with; especially if you don’t have the right coping strategies and people around you.  The last few years I have had to deal with uncomfortable situations in all parts of my life.  And I am thankful for these challenges and struggles.  They have made me even stronger and focused than before.

A big part of the secret of my success is just keeping things simple.  Not being around people or situations that don’t make me happy, or make me a better person.  Be around people or situations that are rewarding and puts a big smile on my face.  And being able to give back to others is an important thing to do.  Not only can you help others with their battles, it can put your life into perspective; make you realize how fortunate you are.

I will say to 2016 thanks for the lessons and opportunities it has brought my way, and to 2017 hello and can’t wait to see where things go.

Happy New Year to you all, and make 2017 a great year for yourself!!





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