See This Guy? 

I read this post on Instagram over the weekend; developed even more respect for Mark Wahlberg.  I remember seeing his transformation from Marky Mark the rapper, to Mark Wahlberg the actor, producer and businessman.  Let his story be a reminder that you can fail many times in life, and use those failures to elevate you to a higher level!

It’s unfortunate that we live in a society that gets down on people, especially when they fail at something.  We do forget that we will fail at things before we achieve our goals. Where the real failure is a failure, is when we don’t succeed the 1st time; we just give up all together.  That not only leads to failure; also one may miss out on a greater opportunity waiting for them.

I have failed at many things in my life.  Yes I wish in some ways I didn’t fail, but I am glad I have experienced these setbacks.  I think the example of Mark Wahlberg is awesome.

This is someone who made bad life choices early on in his life, and turned things around to become a household name. We didn’t see him when he was that goofy rapper, but we now see this guy for who he really is.  Let his example remind you that failure is ok, and you can come back stronger and better from it.

I still think many years later Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch is a great song to workout to, but have mad respect for Mark Wahlberg and his efforts that drove him to success in all walks of his life.

Enjoy your week everyone, and make it the best it can be!!



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