It’s Important To Be You! 

It’s important to be you.  It is one of the most important life lessons I learned when I was in high school.  You can’t be anyone else but you.  You can try to be like others, but those others are not you.

Who am I?

I am Kareem!

I am energetic!

I am a joker!

I am athletic!

I am positive!

I am resilient!

I am human and not perfect!

I am a champion and game changer!

I am accepting of who I am.  I know my strengths and also my areas where I need to work on to be better in all walks of life.  And it’s important to me to be me and love and respect myself unconditionally.

It’s a life lesson that I wanted to share with you today, and don’t be afraid to share with the world your unique qualities.  We need to all be different; not the same.  That’s what makes our world special:  us being ourselves!



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