Four Great Expressions

I saw this four block post from a high level black belt in Brazilian Jitjitsu recently, and this caught my attention.  This is pretty spot on, and it has four expressions hit on how you can achieve your goals; when you clearly focus on you:

Be the hardest worker… don’t tell people how hard or whine about how bad your life is cause many don’t really care (except those close to you)…. don’t be afraid to try new things cause of what other people will think of you…. Last and most important…. call yourself on your own b.s… are you doing what it takes to achieve the stuff you say you are going to do?  Set some goals and smash them.

Whatever your goals are… getting a promotion…. hitting your fitness goals… making a new relationship happen;  keep these four expressions in mind.  These expressions will help you not only keep yourself accountable;  it will lead to a better you.

Have a great week everyone!!


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