Meet 1KLB


My name is Kareem Bonner and I have been in the digital marketing world for the past 13+ years.  Besides having a passion for the digital world, I am also a fan of social media, health and fitness, and reading motivational quotes and stories.

The goal of my blog is to share motivational quotes, thoughts and ideas to help people overcome any challenges they may be facing;  as well as achieve a level of success that they never thought was possible.  I have had to deal with different challenges and setbacks just like most people.  Sometimes they have been easy to overcome, other times it has been a major challenge.

It is important to find healthy and powerful outlets that will enable us to win in life.  Life is exciting.  Life can also be difficult.  If we don’t have the right tools and methods to deal with life’s challenges, it will be difficult to win and overcome these challenges.

By launching my personal blog, I hope to inspire and motivate others to victory and success.  I am happy that I have launched my blog, and this is my way of sharing my voice with the world.  I hope you enjoy my page.

“Life is a gift.  Always make the most of it.”

Be awesome everyone


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